Experience to travel Poland with super cheap and super economical price

Poland owns majestic forests, poetic rivers and many unique works, … Therefore, this country has become a leading tourist attraction in Europe. So travel Poland experience like to be the cheapest and most economical?

Time to travel to Poland

The best time to travel to Poland

Poland is very fond of mother nature when it has a mild and pleasant climate. Therefore, you can travel to Poland at any time of the year.

But according to the Polish travel experience of its predecessors, the best time is at the end of spring – beginning and the end of summer – beginning of autumn. Because at this time, Poland’s weather is extremely cool, neither too hot nor too cold, very suitable to visit and explore this wonderful land.

How to travel to Poland

To go to Poland, you definitely have only one option, which is an airplane. Currently, there are many airlines deploying Poland – Vietnam routes. Like Vietnam Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirate, …

Normally, airfare to Poland fluctuates about 14,600,000 to 16,700,000 VND. But the experience of traveling to Poland is super cheap that is hunting cheap flights. You should plan to book tickets early, regularly monitor the airlines’ websites to know information about promotions and discounts. Thus, you will buy an airline ticket at the best price.

Transportation in Poland

Bus – cheap public transport

The transportation system in Poland is quite strong. There are many public transports such as buses, tram cars, subways, taxis, bicycles, … You can easily choose the public transport that suits your financial ability.

But to travel Poland with the cheapest price, you should travel by public transport like a bus. Because it has the cheapest price, convenient transportation, and safety. Or you can rent a bicycle to explore this beautiful country by yourself.

Where to live while travelling to Poland?

As one of Europe’s most touristy countries, Poland converges many motels and hotels. From budget motels to high-end hotels, you can completely choose the right place to rest.

Some suggestions for cheap hotels in Poland:

● One World Hostel.

● Hotel Royal.

● Hotel Krakow Residence.

Famous tourist attractions in Poland

Places to visit and travel in Poland

Poland is a country converging many attractive tourist attractions. From the architectural works of mankind to the beauty bestowed by mother nature. Typical with the following interesting places:

● Wawel Castle: the first castle was built in the fourteenth century. Possessing a Renaissance design, you will admire a great exhibition space: palaces, royal residence, weapons, …

● Old Warsaw Trade Center: coming here, you will be immersed in the vibrant, bustling atmosphere of the world’s leading ancient trade center. At the same time, you can also admire the statue of Warsaw Mermaid.

● Masurian Lake: a romantic destination located in the Northeast, Poland. Here, you will be immersed in the beautiful natural scenery right at the lake with many activities to participate in such as fishing, camping, boating,…

Above is the super cheap and super economical travel experience in Poland. And you can visit the Wólka Kosowska mall to explore, cultural exchange and buy souvenirs.

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