The most reputable wholesale footwear sources today

For those who are new to the footwear business, it is difficult to find the source of wholesale footwear with the most prestige and quality? Because, there are many different sources on the market and not all sources are reliable. If you are wondering which source to choose, then immediately pocket some of the following sources that are chosen by many business people.

Buy wholesale shoes at the markets at the Chinese border gate

Get wholesale at Chinese border markets

Many shoe wholesalers now often choose Chinese footwear for business, especially in Guangzhou. Because, these products are of good quality and the price is very suitable for the pocket of consumers. To be able to import a large number of these items, you can go to markets near the border gate in China such as Mong Cai market or Tan Thanh market.
These are two markets that are very close to China and distribute extremely quality footwear wholesale at a much lower price than many wholesale markets in Hanoi or Saigon. When you come to this market, you can easily choose the right shoes for your business needs.
However, when you go to these markets, you must also have experience in business and paying prices. If not, it’s easy to cut. In addition, if possible, you can go about 2 or 3 people because the area bordering China has many complicated problems and go with many people to avoid bad situations.

Buy wholesale shoes directly from Guangzhou

Get shoes directly from Guangzhou

If you have the conditions to go to China to pick up the goods, you can shop at the factories from Guangzhou. Here you will be able to choose to buy products at a very favorable wholesale price. However, if you do not produce directly, you can rely on units specializing in buying and transporting goods to Vietnam.
With this form, you will not have to worry about all problems, but instead, the service providers will help you do all the work related to the goods. And your job is just to receive the goods at the address you requested.

Importing goods from factories in Vietnam

If you like to wholesale Vietnamese goods, then to be able to import goods, you just need to find reputable shoe factories in the area. To find a reputable unit is not too difficult, you just need to refer to the quality and price, the sales policies of different manufacturers. Then choose the unit that you think is most suitable.
With the form of importing goods from factories, you usually have to import in large quantities to get the most attractive discount. However, the factories also offer many good policies for wholesale buyers.

Get goods from wholesalers

Buy footwear from a wholesaler

On the market today, there are many units and establishments specializing in wholesale footwear in the area. Therefore, you can easily find yourself a suitable address. With this form of wholesale footwear import, you can choose from a variety of items and sources from China, Vietnam or high-quality imported footwear.
When buying from wholesalers in the market, you can be completely assured because they offer many beneficial policies such as:
Do not force the quantity to take but still get the preferential price.
There are many designs and styles for everyone to choose from.
Clear return in accordance with regulations.
The price is always favorable along with a clear shipping support policy….
In addition to the above sources, there are many other sources of goods that you can choose from. Each source of wholesale footwear has different prices and incentives, so you should choose the source that is most suitable and attractive. If you are still confused about which facility to choose, please contact us immediately. Make sure you get the most reliable source of goods with many attractive policies with 1-0-2.

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